An Observation of the Strangeness of Life

Life really is bizarre when I start to think about it.  Here I am, typing at a computer, and people I barely know or have never met are reading what I type and, hopefully, being affected by it.

It’s weird, but it’s also part of why I decided to be a writer and artist to begin with.

With refugees, and unrest across the world, and the screamfest of current United States politics, and dramatic social changes, with the fourteenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, with disease and war and mental illness and every other painful thing the world is experiencing right now, I believe we can make things better by communicating, the way you and I are now.  The mutual recognition that I am a human and you are a human and we are different in so many ways but with the same desires at our cores, that is the only way we can stop fighting, come together, and work with each other to keep our world from falling apart.

Sometimes I do get freaked out about all the different ways we can affect one another across great distances, but at the same time it gives me hope for the future.


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