Hair Length

I feel like the last blog post was kind of serious, so I want to lighten things up a tad.  Today’s topic probably qualifies as a first world problem, but it’s my week off from saving the world.

So, I’m going to discuss the pros and cons of different hairstyles.

I like long hair.  I also like short hair.  I’ve had hair in both lengths, and several places in between, but I can’t quite decide which one I want to stick with.

I’ve had long hair more often, because I have to be able to put it in a bun for ballet.  I like to have my hair long because I like braids, and curls, and all the different ways of styling long hair.  On good hair days, or even just decent hair days, with long hair, I feel fabulous.  Plus, when it grows out enough I can cut it off and donate it for a wig for cancer patients, which feels even more fabulous.  But I have a few problems with long hair that I don’t have with short hair.

For one thing, there’s time.  Most of mine is dedicated towards things like drawing and homework and various forms of saving the world, and dealing with the dread beast of social interaction.  Spending lots of time on my appearance isn’t a high priority.  I don’t even wear makeup most days.  Plus, I ride a bike to class, and there isn’t much point spending lots of time on hair if it’s just going to get messed up by a helmet or the weather anyway.  Then there’s the fact that I live in a rather warm area, and long hair interferes with my goals of staying cool and hydrated.

And yet I really like braids, and I love drawing people with long hair.  Ugh.

Right now my hair’s at about the length where I either start to keep it braided back and out of the way or I start to absentmindedly trim bits of it off with the kitchen scissors (I’ve given myself and awesome short haircut that way).  So I’m debating whether to get it cut back to the short cut I had last year, which I loved, or grow it out long enough to donate again.

I like short hair because it’s unconventional yet feminine, and easy to take care of.  I can comb it, wash it every few days, and it generally looks pretty great without a lot of help.  My paranoid side can stop worrying that an attacker will grab me by my hair, and I don’t have to stress about bad hair days.  Short hair makes me feel unstoppable.

There are a couple of problems there, too, though.  There’s the time I was called “sir” accidentally in a restaurant, which I probably overthought but still was upset about.  There’s trying to decide whether to put on a fake bun for ballet performances or not.  There’s the fact that I still really like braids.

I’m not quite sure which to pick at the moment.

Oh, this is definitely a first world problem.  But a person’s appearance affects everything else about their life, how others react to them, how they think of themselves.  It’s important to pick the right one.

In other news:  The fifth Michael Vey book by Richard Paul Evans was just released, so there may be a review in the near future.  Also, I found this song by David Archuleta about finding ourselves through our pasts that has a very happy vibe I like.  It’s in Spanish, and I don’t really understand the words, but the emotion behind it is clear.  


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