Characters Who Deserved Worse

Generally speaking, most of us believe that people who harm others are going to face justice–God or karma or the law or their own idiocy will catch up to them eventually.  At the same time, we also like stories where the bad guy turns his life around, because there isn’t a human on the planet who doesn’t wish they could make up for some of their mistakes.  Except maybe babies.

So normally the bad guys in the stories we tell get what they deserve or wind up changing and becoming people we actually like.  Still, there are some who deserve worse than what they got.

You know the drill:  There will be spoilers.

Umbridge, Harry Potter

She tortured Harry, and Lee, and who knows how many other students during her brief but far too long time at Hogwarts.  She sent Muggleborns to Azkaban just because she could during the war, and probably had a few Kissed too.  JKR says she got sent to Azkaban for her many and various crimes, but I just want her gone from existence.  Though I don’t think anyone really deserves to have their soul eaten, so I don’t want her Kissed.  Just dead.

Fudge, also Harry Potter

Quite apart from unleashing Umbridge on an unsuspecting Hogwarts for a year and deliberately hampering students’ educations, Fudge’s refusal to accept Voldemort’s return and oppose him put everyone in danger.  Everyone.  Magical Britain, then Muggle Britain, then the rest of the planet, all would have fallen under Voldemort’s control.  After nearly allowing a catastrophe of that scale to happen, Fudge really deserved more than to be kicked out of office.

Humperdink, The Princess Bride

I’m not sure Wesly’s “to the pain” thing worked out like it should have, though it was a brilliant bit of monologue.

The Volturi, The Twilight Saga

I don’t even want all of them gone.  I just want Jane and Aro turned to ash.

Loki, Marvel Cinematic Universe (Different from comic book Loki)

In this case, I won’t ask for Loki to actually die, since killing characters and bringing them back is a proud tradition of superhero universes and they’ve already pretended to kill him twice.  Besides, Loki is a fascinating and enjoyable character, despite being an unbalanced murderer (I don’t watch much TV, but I hear they brought back Coulson for Agents of Shield.  That doesn’t negate the fact that Loki did stab Coulson through the chest with a spear).  I just want to see Loki get beat up a bit more…a lot more…maybe have him lose a limb.  Have Thanos come after him for failing to deliver the Tesseract, for instance.  Kill off a few more of the individuals belonging to the short list of “People Loki Loves.”  Just do something to crack beneath that sassy smirk and show us whether he’s actually redeemable or not.

I have more to say on the subject of Loki, but that’s a subject for another blog post.

And…those are all the characters who I think deserved worse than what they got.  There’s probably more, and if you can think of any, let me know.  Meanwhile, I think the dread beast of Homework is hunting me again.


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