Some Thoughts

Here, have a sketchbook page.  I’ve been saving it for a week when things were busy, like this one.

This has been a very long week.

The good news is that I’ve been officially accepted as a “pre-Illustration” major at the university I’ve wanted to attend since I was a kid.  I’ll have to go through a semester before I get to be an “Illustration” major, but I’ll get there.

Now there’s the exciting process of making sure all my credits transfer and deciding where to live, which I’m managing to work through.

Before I go to university, though, I have to get through this semester, and right now that means midterms.

But at the moment I’m not working on my last midterm, I’m writing a blog, so here are a few thoughts that are bouncing around my mind this week:

W.  Why do we call it double-U?  It’s shaped more like two Vs.  And while all the other letters have concise, one-syllable names that use the sounds they make, there isn’t a “w” sound anywhere in W’s name.  Double-U is a mouthful.  Do we have some specific prejudice against this letter?  Why?

I’m not one for buying a whole bunch of stuff, so why is my room so full of random objects?

Somehow I managed to not hear about Inktober until ten days into October, and since I didn’t have plans to fit it into my schedule I’ll have to just try doing it next year.  Sorry.  But if you’re looking for Halloween-related art, there’s a great webcomic I found about a ghost girl named Erma that’s a mix of funny and scary.  You can check it out at

A few of my old sketchbooks fell off the shelf I keep them on so I looked through them.  I was terrible.  There were a few occasional gems, but most of the time I was terrible.  Especially my first year in high school.  I’m wondering what triggered the change to my pretty decent art I’m making now.  Did I just get older?  Was it the encouragement from my awesome teachers?  Was it me deciding to make art a career?  Did I just start to actually look at the world and at other art people were making?  I’m not sure.

The thing about change is that normally it’s gradual so we don’t notice it’s happening.  It’s only as we look back that we realize how different the past and the present are.


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