There will be NO Spoilers!

As a lifelong Star Wars fan and all-around geek, I am exceedingly excited for the film coming out on Friday.  However, I am also dedicated to the idea of watching the film spoiler-free.

I have not been looking up information on the internet about leaked details regarding the film and its plot.  I have not been obsessively thinking about Star Wars.  I have just been doing what I do–write.  Draw.  Be awesome.  Repeat.  And also trying to get ready to move to university, but so it goes.

This blog will not have any spoilers regarding the new Star Wars film at the very least until the DVD comes out.

Let’s declare this a safe spot to talk about Star Wars without getting spoiled, shall we?  Or to not talk about it, as the case may be.

I’m talking about it, anyways.

As a kid, I ended up watching the Original Trilogy of Star Wars well over a hundred times.  I loved it.  Still do.  I also watched the prequel trilogy a lot, too, but stopped because the feeling of inevitability it gave to Anakin’s fall from grace was too depressing–not because of Jar Jar or any of the other issues the films had.

The original trilogy, though…that was good.

The idea of a farm boy becoming a hero, of an ultimate evil being defeated, of wrongdoings and redemption, of a warrior princess who kept everything running and a greedy scoundrel who started caring about others, all of that seemed right to me.  The galaxy Lucas created was one of stark darks and lights, where good and evil were distinct, usually, but sometimes someone could cross from one to the other.  In many ways, it was a myth, but told in a new medium and featuring space travel.

I do so love myths.

I’m hoping the new film keeps that feeling.  The trailers certainly look like they do.  The first moment Han appeared on the screen I thought I’d explode with excitement.

It’s so easy to mess something like this up, when it has so many hopes and expectations, but I’m hoping it turns out right.


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