In Other News

The Illustrators of the Future Contest sent me a shiny new sticker to share here for my recent entry into the contest.  (I haven’t heard back on that entry yet.  Wish me luck!)

In other news…

I don’t normally get much cold weather where I live, but the past few days when someone dear to me needs a ride at oh-stupid-early in the morning, I’ve had to scrape ice off my windshield.  I should probably get used to it, since my university is going to have a lot more of that icy weather.  Looking at the ice formations makes it easy to see why people claimed Jack Frost or the Snow Queen put the ice there.  The ice is like an intricate abstract painting.

Which makes it feel a little like sacrilege to scrape it off, but I do need my car.

I’ve always liked the stories that feature Jack Frost or the Snow Queen.  They’re trickster characters, sometimes the antagonists, sometimes merely mischievous allies, and always just a little more mysterious than other faeries and nature spirits.

Take the Hans Christian Anderson story of the Snow Queen.  No one ever bothered to wonder about her motivation for kidnapping a child.

She turns up in The Nutcracker too, but why she’s helping Clara and the others get to the Land of the Sugar Plum Fairy is never really clear–of course, that could simply be part of the limitations of the storytelling style of ballet.  No words, just movement, which makes abstract ideas such as motivation a little difficult to share.

Then there’s Jack Frost.  He shows up in a lot of Santa Claus-related stories (my favorite is Rise of the Guardians) but the character is never the same in any of those, because all that the stories really ever say is that he’s a creature of ice and puts the frost designs on houses.

I’ve researched the Jack Frost character a few times and it looks like he could originally have come from Norse mythology as some relative of the frost Jotuns.  Not Loki, though–Loki is more aligned with fire than with ice in most of the myths.

Wherever he comes from, though, this time of year I always want to write some sort of story about Jack Frost and/or the Snow Queen.  Maybe I will at some point.

In other news…

Star Wars is out!  I’ll take this opportunity to restate the fact that deliberately spoiling it is the mark of a terrible human being.

Star Wars means a lot to us geeks, and for the first time in years we can see a Star Wars film without knowing what’s going to happen.  Don’t ruin that for anyone, okay?

In other news…

The Tuesday blog post next week will be the last of the year.  For some reason I don’t want to write a blog on Christmas day, and after that I’ll be with family and trying to move to university, so I won’t have time.  We’ll return to our regularly scheduled blogs on January 5.

Best wishes!


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