Glasses and the Apocalypse

I’ve wondered vaguely about this for a long time, but this article really articulated my thoughts about it.

How am I supposed to survive the apocalypse?

Apocalyptic stories act as though all apocalypse survivors are healthy and able-bodied (at least before the apocalypse begins), and while I suppose that could be true, there are so many of us that aren’t I doubt we’ll all be exterminated unless the sun swallows the earth, in which case nobody, however healthy, is getting out alive and there isn’t really a story to tell.  Not a hopeful one, anyways.

As the Mental Floss article mentions, people with vision problems are going to have difficulties.  Contacts don’t last forever, and if you’re stuck without any visual correction, you’re a) not going to see approaching threats, and b) going to get a lot of headaches trying to see aforementioned threats.

Aforementioned.  I love that word.

The article suggested carrying glasses at all times, just in case, which is good for days when contacts tear or fall off my eyeballs (they’re capricious little beasts), but I’m afraid I see some flaws with that plan too.

Glasses are difficult to keep clean and scratch-free even in the largely safe and healthy living conditions I’m currently enjoying.  The frames break, too, especially in the poorly made ones.  I don’t want to think about the level of damage they could sustain in a post-apocalyptic world.  And while contacts in the correct prescription can be found in most optometrist’s offices, glasses are harder to get right–especially when there’s no one to order them from, like after an apocalypse.

Besides that, I feel like contacts are more useful in the urgent days of the post-apocalypse.  There’s no distortion from the lens, the frames don’t interfere, so I could see threats better, and if I got into a fight, my opponent wouldn’t be able to immediately impair me by knocking my glasses off.  Also, the fewer obvious limitations I have, the fewer people might actually decide fighting me is worthwhile, which would make survival more likely.

I’m not sure why I’m wondering about this.  I have enough physical limitations that if an apocalypse comes, I’m probably dead anyways.  But hey, a dragon can dream, right?


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