And now, the weather

I’ve just survived my first week of university classes. I’ve really enjoyed them. There’s some problem with city air and hills and my lungs, but I’m used to it, and working on improving it.

The other problem is the weather.

I grew up somewhere that experiences very little snow. Once or twice a year, it gets a little bit of snow, which melts by midafternoon, and is an Event that sometimes manages to cancel school.

Now I’m somewhere where snow is a persistent presence, and it’s a bit alien to me.

Okay. A lot alien.

So here are my thoughts on it.

Mounds of cold white stuff. When first I arrived, they covered practically everything, but the sun has snuck enough heat through the thick cloud cover to melt all but the thickest patches of snow. Who knows how long that will last.

The snowmelt frees dead leaves from autumn from their icy cages, but then it rains and freezes overnight and by morning the ice glues the leaves to the pavement like a collage. It snows again, and the process restarts.

Some enterprising soul has been stomping giant words into the snow to support one or another of the university’s sports teams. It wasn’t me, because a) ew, snow, and b) I have slightly less school spirit than a wet paper towel.

I like my university, I wouldn’t be attending it otherwise, but I’m just here for an education. If one of the school’s teams wins some big game, good for them, but I probably won’t be paying enough attention to notice.

Besides, I just can’t relate to someone who’d want to run around in this soggy cold stuff wearing sports gear  on a regular basis for fun. The track team I can be okay with, since the track is indoors and running can be fun, but not the rest.

That is the environment I found myself in when I received an email from the Illustrators of the Future contest. I didn’t win, but I was a semifinalist! And they hope I’ll enter again.

I’ll start on a new submission as soon as my homework is finished.

Today’s picture is another effort at digital art. Someday I’ll figure it out.


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