If I Had A Million Dollars

Someone hid ten thousand hundred-dollar bills in my room while I slept. It took forever to find them all, but it was totally worth it.

Actually, Hannah Heath tagged me in the million dollar writer’s tag, and now I’m responding.  Check her blog out; it’s cool.

Ten things I would do if I suddenly had a million dollars.  

One.  First, I would probably get yelled at.  People who have money seem to get yelled at a lot.  The IRS would send ominous paperwork.  Some non-yellers would probably be extra nice to me, the way we all were in high school to the one person in class who had food when lunch hour was ages away.

Of course, that doesn’t technically count as something I would do.

The first thing I would do is work out exactly how much money I’ll need over the next several years for food, tuition, rent, medical bills, gasoline, et cetera, and set that aside.  Having fun with the money is great, but let’s be practical.

Two.  I’d get a really excellent computer.

One that’s light and thin for easy transport, but has a good sized screen and a keyboard that’s comfortable to use.  I’d get some top-notch digital art programs on it and a Wacom tablet too, because drawing with a mouse hurts after a few minutes.

Three.  Travel.

A million dollars would make it far easier to chase my dream of drawing all the interesting places in the world.  I probably would get worn out before I got to go to all the interesting places (since I think most places are interesting), but I would definitely spend a few months in Ireland.

I’d go myth hunting in Ireland, too.  Have I mentioned how great Irish myths are?

Four.  Art supplies.

That stuff’s expensive.  I’d add to my collection of Copic markers, get lots of canvas boards, various types of paints, more colored pencils, chalk pastels, and many, many sketchbooks.

There’s nothing sadder than filling up a sketchbook you’ve gotten emotionally attached to and not having a replacement on hand.  Well, there are sadder things, but in the moment it’s hard to remember that.

Five.  Novels and comics.

I would get every published work of Brandon Sanderson’s, lots of Winter Soldier comics, see if the Charmed comics are any good, and buy every Hatter Madigan graphic novel.

Have I talked about Hatter Madigan?  It’s a spin-off from The Looking Glass Wars, both novel and comics by Frank Beddor, which turns Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland on its head.  It’s great.  Imagine the Mad Hatter as a royal bodyguard.  No, scarier.  But he isn’t terrifying because he’s so clearly on the side of the light.


Six.  A decent guitar tuner.

The one I have is pathetic.

Seven.  An engagement ring.

In case I find someone I feel inclined to give such a thing to and have the guts to initiate such an exchange of jewelry.

Probably something silver with abalone inlay.

Eight.  Past that, what does a Dragon (or girl) need?

I’d get flowers for my mom’s garden.  Pay to get the kitchen floor back home redone.  Nice things for the people I love.

Nine.  Donate to the art program at my old high school.

I mean, it was a good program.  But there’s always room for improvement.

Ten.  Tithing and other donations.

In my church, we give ten percent of all our income to go to building chapels, helping missionaries, various humanitarian works, that sort of thing.  It’s a way of giving back some of what we’ve been blessed with.

But even after all that, I’d still want to donate to specific causes.  Like the group at my university that wants to cure asthma.  Other groups researching treatments and cures for cancer, mental illness, fibromyalgia, and other diseases and disorders that are making life difficult for far too many people.  And probably a group working to get clean water and electricity to areas that don’t have it.

Donating may not be the most original of uses of having lots of money, but I don’t actually want that many things for myself, past a healthy life and chances to make art and stories and learn about the world.  Why not help people when I have that?

Okay, I know I’m supposed to tag someone and keep this going, but I’m a rebel.

Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend, and if you don’t celebrate those, happy weekend!


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