To Libraries

A sanctuary of knowledge, accessible to all.  A gathering of stories.  A representation of our many cultures.  A quiet place.

Before I wax too poetic, I should mention that in the past two weeks alone I’ve been using my hometown’s public library for research and entertainment in a broad range of subjects.  Those subjects include chess tactics, Russian architecture, human anatomy, manga, various methods of making comics, what people think of death, epic fantasy, dystopias, and superheroes.  The only thing missing was a book on wolf anatomy.

Most of the subjects I’ve been studying have had to do with either my application to the illustration program, or another project that isn’t ready to meet the internet just yet.  Without the information I’ve been studying and the understanding of human nature that comes with it, I would not be happy with the results of either project.  Instead, I am confident that both will succeed.

I am truly grateful for libraries.

Others have likely benefited even more from libraries during that same span of time.  It’s what they’re there for, after all.  To teach children literacy and a love of learning.  To help people understand the world around them.  To give internet access to those who need it.

Knowledge is power, and public libraries give everyone who looks for knowledge opportunities to find it.

Of course, the internet is a wonderful place to get information, if at times distracting, as is a classroom.  But neither of those has quite the feeling of a library, with its quiet shelves and opportunities to explore.

So, here’s to libraries:  may we always value and protect them.


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