Stormtroopers and Droid Armies

My wisdom teeth were removed earlier this week, and I’m still on quite a bit of pain medication and shouldn’t be allowed to drive or discuss Important Topics.

I don’t think that rules out talking about Star Wars, though.  I mean, yeah, Star Wars is important, but no one will leap down my throat for discussing it wrong.  Except maybe a few die-hard fanboys.

So.  Let’s talk Star Wars morals.

The Old Republic was meant to be the best government the galaxy had seen, but time and corruption messed that up and made it easy for Palpatine to manipulate events.

It didn’t have any sort of military force–just the Jedi, who were peacekeepers and meant to be separate from the government–so when they actually needed an army, the Clone Army of dubious moral roots slid right into place without anyone raising an eyebrow.

I feel like someone should have questioned the way the clones’ only purpose was to serve the Republic and the fact that they’d been programmed to be okay with that.  How can you protect the galaxy’s freedom when the majority of its fighters have never had what they’re supposed to protect?

The Jedi aren’t off the hook either.  Most of their recruits were babies who grew up knowing nothing but the Jedi ways.

The Separatist army was a little better, with droids–but droids are people the same as any human or alien in the Star Wars universe, and the fact that they get bought and sold like ordinary computers is concerning.  Maybe the Separatist droids weren’t as advanced?  We don’t really see any individuals from that army long enough to figure it out.

Then there’s the Empire.  There are still some clones in that army, but for the most part Empire soldiers were recruited from the Academy–the same Academy Luke wanted to go to.  Maybe the recruits were manipulated or lied to.  We don’t see how the recruitment process works.  But it seems like for the most part, the Empire’s stormtroopers and officers were there willingly, and worked hard towards promotions and the Empire’s cause.

The First Order took a few steps back morality-wise from the Empire.  At least in case of the Jedi, the kids they took were either orphans or given up willingly.  The First Order just kidnapped.  We haven’t seen serious ambition from any of their stormtroopers, but we haven’t seen everything of the First Order yet.

On the other hand, the First Order has female stormtroopers, which is cool.

The Rebellion, the New Republic, and the Resistance all seem to recruit in similar ways.  People who believe in The Cause volunteer.  Of course, they’re supposed to be the good guys, so having it otherwise would be problematic.

The similar recruiting styles make sense.  While they aren’t the same organization and don’t have the same goals, they rose from the same ideals and had several of the same people involved in each, such as Princess/Senator/General Leia.

People or families, that is.  Poe Dameron’s parents fought at Endor, for instance, and then Poe flew for the New Republic until the Resistance offered him a chance to do more against the First Order than he could with the New Republic.

It isn’t just the Skywalker clan getting tangled up in galactic affairs now!

It’s fascinating to see how groups like these work in Star Wars and other universes, since they tend to be less-than-accurate as representations of actual places or people, but they do tend to mirror our own universe and problems.

Today’s drawing is a study for a portfolio piece I’m working on.  Inspired in part by David Archuleta’s music, if anyone’s interested.


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