The Week of Insanity

After typing that title, I have Princess Bride lines spouting off at the back of my mind.  Ah well.

This week, next week, and probably the week after that have been/will all be hectic.  Finishing my portfolio and application to the Illustration program at BYU.  Helping with my church’s Pioneer Day celebration.  Babysitting.  My brother’s birthday.  A change in medications.  One of my best friends getting home from his two-year LDS mission in twelve days (not that I’m counting).

Last night I helped operate the fairy floss machine to make sure it would work at the Pioneer Day celebration on Saturday.  I still had sugar in my hair when my family hauled me off to see Star Trek–which was amazing, by the way.

I have a very strong auditory memory, so during times of stress like this my brain starts playing a few of my favorite songs on repeat.  Today it’s Who I Am by David Archuleta.

There was supposed to be a picture with this blog, but the technology is not cooperating.  My apologies.

Next week:  Why villains need redemptive traits.  And possibly a dragon.


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