Digital Art Adventures

I purchased a tablet recently for school and art, and so far I love it. The drawing programs work exceptionally well compared to my past efforts at drawing on desktop computers.

And apparently  I don’t get to put more than one image in this blog post. That’s lame.


Drawing digitally  is a very different experience than drawing on paper.  You can turn on different layers, move things behind each other, decide that the little doodle at the bottom of the canvas needs to be more prominent and enlarge it, all kinds of really cool things.

That said, since I recently changed my major to pre-art, and my current classes are encouraging me to push beyond the accepted conventions of what art is, I have to wonder what else I could do with it. Why pretend to be drawing on a “canvas” when it’s clearly a file type completely separate from the traditions of painting? If I hadn’t been influenced by the work of digital artists before me, would I really be wanting to do things a certain way?

Maybe, maybe not.

But I do enjoy doing pieces like the one above, which works primarily within the scope of traditional art while also incorporating things that could only be done properly on a computer. That was a fun piece to work on.

It’s going to be a great semester. Best wishes, everyone.


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