A snippet of college life

You wake up at five thirty and can’t fall back asleep. Just as well. Gives you extra time to double check the final draft of your paper. You dress in the dark so you won’t wake your roommate, and that means you’ve probably forgotten something. You don’t figure out what it is until you’re on the bus to campus. The necklace you’ve been fiddling with in an effort to replace biting your fingernails.

By the end of the day, all your fingernails will be bitten to the quick.  They’ll sting all week. Oh well.

Campus is quiet and gray at seven thirty in the morning, so it’s a short line at the library printers to get your paper printed out. A formal art analysis of a painting no one has heard of. It took you forever to start thinking in the right terms for it. Your schoolbag’s wheels are loud and grating behind you when you head to class. The alternative is an aching back, so you ignore it. Mostly.

You eat breakfast on campus after class. Should have shopped for  groceries over the weekend. But the food’s good. You stare at your phone as you munch on a cinnamon roll, trying not to think of all the ways your paper was insufficient, even though it was the best you could do.

But there’s another assignment due today, so there’s no time to stress too much. You find a quiet chair in the library, pull out your tablet, and draw. You’ll worry about how the comic you’re making fits into this, that, and the other art theory later.

When you finally feel like the line and color work are good, you take a quick break on Pottermore. Your Patronus is a unicorn. Nice.

You work on spinning yarn as you listen to the lecture in your next class. It’s part of an assignment. Making and then knitting the yarn for a scarf to donate. The yarn isn’t coming out perfectly even, but it’s close enough.

It starts raining as you head home. The leaves on the sidewalk don’t crunch the same way when they’re wet. You’re still a little surprised that there are leaves. The desert is in your bones.

There’s a cleaning check tonight, but first you have to write up that art assignment. Talk about the process of making your little comic. Take pictures of the initial sketches, marker on newsprint, before you switched to making the finished product digitally. Why did you decide to make a comic. What is it trying to say. How does it fit into the context of contemporary art.

Eventually, it’s as good as you’ll ever make it. You submit it, eat an Oreo, and start washing dishes. You’re sweeping when the RA comes for the cleaning check. You pass. Barely.

You make a breakfast burrito and call home.


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