Inktober is a bit weird. All the challenge asks is to make an ink drawing a day, and yet, because of the month this occurs in, it’s taken as a given that most of the drawings will be odd or unsettling in some way.

I’m pretty much okay with that, but it still makes me wonder why being scared is so popular this time of year. Or not being scared at scary things. I’m not sure which it actually is.

Part of it is bravado, I think. Telling the world we aren’t scared of anything, when really  we’re terrified. But there’s more to it. Welcome To Night Vale, Lovecraft, and all the other scary stories and storytellers don’t become popular simply by being creepy. They say something with that fear. They all say something different, but they all say something.

I had the chance to see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children last week. It’s a good example  of that. It’s about being different, and how that’s okay, and it’s about being brave for the people we care about. Courage doesn’t happen without fear, after all.

Side note: the movie didn’t follow the book exactly, but it stayed true to the heart of the story, which I think is more important.  Also there was a skeleton army, which was probably inevitable when Tim Burton got handed a character who could animate the dead. It was awesome.

Anyways, try not to get too scared this month. If you want to see the rest of my Inktober drawings, check out my Twitter, @enoughdragons or my tumblr, @onedragontorulethemall.


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