some Halloween shenanigans

I took my roommate to the grocery store on Saturday to get Halloween candy. We didn’t expect trick-or-treaters, but figured it was better to be prepared.  Our apartment complex has a mixture of single students and students with spouses and children in it, so it was a (distant) possibility.

We didn’t get any trick-or-treaters. Ah well.

I’ve been working on learning some Christmas songs on my guitar already this weekend, and truth to tell I’m always  listening to a few Christmas songs at least, so I’m hardly a holiday purist. Doing ballet as a kid, we started rehearsals for The Nutcracker in September. It was still something of a shock to step into the museum of art on Halloween morning, trying to dodge the chill, and find that the gift shop had already moved the Halloween display and replaced it with Christmas things. On Halloween.

I wore my Winter Soldier costume to class on Monday. Black clothes, combat boots, shiny duct tape arm that is kind of uncomfortable but I love anyways. The effect was somewhat spoiled by having to put on a purple turtleneck under the black because it was cold, but someone asked to take a selfie with me anyway. I think that’s the peak of my cosplay experience. Last year someone thought I was a full metal alchemist character, and someone else asked if I was twelve.

Twelve. Really?

I saw a lot of cool costumes on campus. Waldo. A t-rex. Someone dressed their toddler as Dobby. A pregnant woman made her stomach an eight ball. Donald Trump. Captain America. Rapunzel. In one of my classes, a gal dressed as the matchmaker from Mulan, complete with ink goatee. Joy. Ed Sheeran, which was probably my favorite. He’d drawn the arm tattoos himself in marker and they didn’t match the actual tattoos at all but they were funny.

I also saw a lot of leaves on campus. This is the first fall since I was quite young that I’m anywhere that gets this many fallen leaves, and I’m finally starting to understand why leaves are so big a part of autumn-related art. There is no dirt. There is no grass. There is no pavement. All is leaf.

It’s a real joy to try getting a wheeled school bag through.

I ran across a friend I didn’t expect to see while eating dinner on campus. We chatted. I ate a cupcake that was intended to look like a ghost but mostly looked like a bunch of varieties of sugar.

I was invited by a group from church to watch It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and since that’s a necessary element of every Halloween, I joined them. They made really adorable pumpkin-shaped jello.

One of the people in that group uses a wheelchair, and so there was a rather amusing and frightening scene before the film started as four people helped lift him up a flight and a half of stairs to the apartment that  everyone was meeting at. I was invited to join them in the effort. I declined. I have too misshapen a spine for that to be a good idea, and would rather not accidentally drop a friend.

Somehow, though, they managed  without me.

October 31st has been meant for a lot of things that I didn’t use it for this year. Remembering the dead–skeletons don’t make me think of the dead. They make me think, “ew.” Contemplating the change of seasons, preparing for winter–I mostly muttered about the cold. Scaring off unfriendly spirits-I guess? I did practice my murder expression. Connecting with friends–well, I did that. I think.

Mostly, though, I enjoyed the candy.

Also, watch this music video. It’s so precious.


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