Reflections of Infinity

You. You’ve always existed,

in some way or other.

Older than time itself,

that’s you.

The bones that carry you,

the skin you wear,

these are new.

Even without them,

the experience they brought,

you were still you.

Like a snowball


down a hill,

acquiring mass;

like a sapling

putting forth new roots and branches,

you grew, yet

your core was the same.

Child of Eternity,

stardust in your eyes,

do you see that core?

Have you any idea

how beautiful

you are?

You are

the past behind you,

the road before you,

the choices you make,

the tales you tell,


you are infinitely more.



They don’t wear

slimy scales

or shining fangs.

They might be as ugly

or pretty

as anyone else.

They wear business suits or t shirts,

sundresses or pajamas.

They’re hard to spot

and they can’t be fought

in shining armor.


are just


who treat people

like things.