A Thought and a Song

It’s been my habit, from a very early age, to focus most of my attentions on music that was slightly melancholy.  Not sure why. Maybe I like minor keys. Maybe all the happy songs were about sappy romances, which I’ve never been interested in. Maybe I’m just morbid. The songs don’t make me sad when I listen to them, really. I just like them.

Sometimes, though, the world is a touch more awful than usual, and I just want to listen to something upbeat and happy. I made a music playlist for just such an occasion, and thought I’d share it here.

The most recent addition to the playlist is “Invincible” by David Archuleta, which came out last week.

Invincible is, despite its title, about not being invincible. It’s about going through hard times without allowing yourself to become hard.

We live in what future historians will likely call an “interesting time”. There are so many changes going on, so much conflict.  But there are a lot of good things too, and remembering that, as the song suggests, is its own type of strength.


A Head Full of Static

Is normally the result of trying to force an idea when you’re:



Burnt out from all the other ideas you’ve worked on



Or otherwise inhibited.

The problem with acknowledging this problem is, you still have to come up with the ideas if you do creative work.  It’s the way you get the funds to eat and pay rent and all the other important things most of us humans seem to feel necessary.

So…How to recharge?  I have some ideas.

Sleep.  You’ll be amazed how much better your brain functions if you try to get a solid eight hours of sleep.

Get out and socialize for once.  It’s an established fact that people need people.  It’s important psychologically and physiologically.  Don’t risk your mental health.  And who knows, maybe someone will say something that will trigger an idea.

Bake some cookies.  Just fast ones.  Chocolate chip, preferably.  They only really need five ingredients.  You get to feel productive because you’re making something, but you also get an immediate award–chocolate–which doesn’t always come with other creative jobs.

“Will write for chocolate.”  I should hang up a sign.

You could also do something creative that isn’t in your normal field.  I play guitar when writing and drawing burn me out.  There’s less pressure with it, since I’m not trying to get paid for it, so perfectionism isn’t quite as much of an issue.

If you’re on a deadline and can’t do any of that, I’d recommend listening to some music.  Coldplay’s new album “A Head Full of Dreams” (which DEFINITELY has no relation to this post’s title.  Definitely.) is a good one that I’ve been listening to.  Anything upbeat should help, though.  Music has this inevitable tendency to alter your thoughts and mood when you listen to it, even if just slightly, so it’s good when you’re stuck for ideas.

(Speaking of Coldplay, I’ve been working on a design for their t shirt contest.  I’ll post a link when it’s up)

If none of those ideas work, try picturing my mermaid doodle coming after you.  That should be motivation, if nothing else.

Happy creating!